VIPLeague Ad Issues

VIPLeague Ad Issues

VIPLeague is a free site. This means ads are necessary. We do our best to ensure ad quality and safety. We check constantly for any problems and appreciate any feedback on problems. Ads of an adult nature are not allowed on site. If you see any problems ads or have any issues not covered in this VIPLeague Ad Issues FAQ please let us know in Help chat or use Contact Us.

You can find answers to most  common issues in the VIPLeague FAQs & Help section and site news in VIPLeague News.

  1. How do I stop the ads?
  2. The ads won’t close. What can I do?
  3. There’s background music or noise from an ad.
  4. Something downloaded from an ad. What should I do?

1: How do I stop the ads?

The ads on screen are outside our control; they are used by free players. To close the ad, look to the top right, there is normally a small “x” , press this. If the ad doesn’t close you will need to wait up to 30 seconds then the video stream will show.

2: The ads won’t close. What can I do?

Look for a small x somewhere on the ad to close it. If there is no x or it doesn’t close after 30 seconds refresh the page.
If you use adblocker some ads will show as a white or black box above the screen and you will be unable to close them. In this case you must disable adblocker.

VIPleague Ad Issues
Click on the small blue x to close

3: There’s background music or noise from an ad.

We do out best not to allow such ads on site. Occasionally some locations may have them. If the music or noise does not stop after a few seconds then refresh the page.
If it still doesn’t clear then please inform admin.

4: Something downloaded from an ad. What should I do?

We  try to ensure that there are no forced downloads from ads. If it happens, please let us know what ad it is as well as the player and link in Help Chat or Contact Us.

13 thoughts on “VIPLeague Ad Issues”

  1. I am trying to watch british superbikes but it is asking me to download FLV player 12.3, I don’t think this player is safe to download.

  2. I’m being blocked from using VIP League and I’m being asked to disable Adblock. I don’t have Adblock and therefore nothing to disable. Yet VIP League states that I have it. I don’t understand. What do I need to do to overcome this problem?

    1. I can’t use Vipleague. It says I need to disable Adblock, but I’ve never used this program at any time. This is a fault and makes the site useless.

  3. Hello guys….

    I have been using VIP for a while with adblock disabled.
    But since today, no matter what i do, he pop up will no longer go away, the page remains red.

    I have tried everything, I have even uninstalled adblock completely…. I still remain blocked.
    I even restored my Win 7 to a point 2 weeks ago… I remain blocked

    Any suggestions?

      1. NO. As of today the problem remains the same. VipLeague says: “adblock detected” but i do not have any ad blocking plugin, installed in my PC.

  4. I have suddenly started getting a red colored box coming up saying adblocker is enabled but I don’t have it on my PC and cannot find it anywhere to disable. Any ideas

  5. Every time I open a link to stream a football game, it redirects me to a website to download flash or a “you have a virus” popup that I can’t close unless I quit safari. I cannot watch the games as a result and it is really frusturating

  6. I have an iPhone 7. I was trying to watch a NY Rangers game. Usually I didn’t have any issues. However now every time in the last 2 weeks every time I click on the link on your sight for a Rangers game I am getting nothing but messages saying that I have a virus

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