Welcome to the VIPLeague blog. Previously known as VIPBox, whatever name you know us by, the quality and commitment to delivering the best live streams remains the same.

Use the top menu of this blog site for general information and the left side category menu for specific event information.

VIPLeague  is your one stop site for all your sport and viewing needs and, even better, everything here is FREE! We’ve tried to make it as easy to use as possible without the need to download and install unfamiliar software found on most other sites. Please bookmark VIPLeague and enjoy! We are always trying to update, improve and grow. If you have a suggestion or request, let us know.

VIPBox or VIPLeague shows you all sports, free & live, we provide links for all major sporting events, movies, TV channels and more so you can watch trouble-free. We do not host links on site but provide reliable, safe and high-quality streams from external sources that you can watch on our site.

You can find answers to most  common issues in the VIPLeague FAQs & Help section and site news in VIPLeague News.

Go to the VIPLeague  homepage, press the sport you want to see, then look down the list for the event you want to see. Press a link (link 1, for example), a new tab will open. You will need to wait until the advertisement counts down; once the ads gets to “0” seconds, the player will automatically start to play. Alternatively, you can click the small x on the ad to close it.

You don’t need any special downloads. Almost all feeds use Adobe Flash which is the Internet standard to view Internet videos. You must have this installed to view the streams/feeds.

The schedule on VIPLeague is constantly updated and new events are added all the time. To find something quickly you can use the search function at the top of the schedule page. Simply type in a keyword, example ‘news’ and all listings containing that keyword will show. Alternatively you can use the FILTER to check specific leagues, competitions or genres. If you still can’t find what you are looking for then either use Contact Us or let us know in Live Help Chat.

Different streams listed on VIPLeague use different players. For most players double click on the screen. For other players, the full screen function is usually bottom right of the player. Unfortunately, in some rare cases, there is no full screen option. You may not be able to go full screen if you use adblocker.

At present, streams on VIP Box / VIPLeague are only viewable on android devices using Firefox with flash installed.

Firefox with flash or Photon browsers can be used for iOS

VIP League / VIP Box is a social site and we have various chat options and methods of feedback. Chat should open automatically about 2 minutes after you load the stream page. When chat opens there will be a Close Chat feature in yellow just above. Simply click this to close chat.
If you want to use chat after closing it, then click VIP Info (blue box on the stream and schedule page or CHATS on the right menu of the schedule page). Click on the chat you want to use. You can also use Live Help chat for any specific issue or Contact Us on the right menu.


14 thoughts on “VIPLeague”

  1. i’m trying to use chat feature when i watch sports…not sure why you guys are so sensitive banning people…but anywho thanks for the sports…and screw you all on the chats 🙂

  2. HELP!!! I love VIP league, but I can no longer use the site because it keeps telling me to disable my Ad Block. I’ve not only disabled it, I’ve killed it, shredded it, incinerated it, then buried it, but it hasn’t helped. I’ve even tried browsers that NEVER had Ad Block – but the same thing happens every time.
    Does anyone have any ideas?

    1. No, I still try it every now and then – same problem, regardless of what browser I use. I found another site that works well, too, without any problems.
      But thanks for replying, anyway.

  3. I watched the entire EPL last season via VIPleague with no issue. I connected this weekend to test and was hit with the ADBlock red screen. I’ve tried making an exception for vipleague, disabling ADBlock and deleting it from my browsers, but still the red screen.

    Anybody still able to watch sports on Vipleagues or have any suggestions about how to find out if something on my PC is blocking it?

    Thanks in advance for any reply before next weekend!

      1. Thanks for the reply. On Firefox I cleared the cache via Options -> Privacy -> clear your recent history. I still have the same issue. I don’t have any add-ons in Firefox that protect/ block on websites.

        I downloaded Safari to see if that was any different. Unticked the Block Pop-Up Windows and reset, but still the same.

        I haven’t been able to find and cannot think of any application that would be blocking pop-ups. Any idea’s or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

        1. I’m running Windows 7. A friend with a Linux box, who swears he doesn’t have any ADBlockers tried for me and had the same issue.

          1. I’ve even tried accessing the site via my PS3 browser and get the same result. I haven’t found any reference to an ADBlocker on the PS3 browser.

  4. what are site settings??im trying to watch league via CCast but keeps saying I can’t because of site settings..I’m using a android phone..hook me please

  5. I have the same AdBlock Issue…I never had AdBlock and I was told that I needed to get rid of it or, whatever, to use the home screen. I even tried installing AdBlock and allowing VIPLeague to be an exception but, to no avail. However, if you managed to bookmark any of a particular stream’s page, it will not be affected by the red screen message. I for one have F1 bookmarked and I can continue to stream F1 without problem.

  6. Vipleague doesn’t work anymore and hasn’t for months. The site always says I have Adblock, but I’ve never used this or downloaded it. The fault seems to be with Vipleague. The result, anyway, is that the site does not work.

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