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From IBF to WBA, WBC to WBO VIPLeague has all your boxing title fights. Formerly known as VIPBox, VIPLeague still offers the same quality reliable live streams so you don’t miss any part of the action from regular Fight Nights to PPV.  Check out the boxing schedule.


Boxing is a show of speed , strength, endurance, reflexes and sheer will in which two warriors battle it out , pounding eachother with gloved hands for one to become the victor. The desired affect is a knock out punch but winners are often determined after punches during each round are collated and the champs hand raised. Boxing as an organized sport originates back to the ancient Greeks, introducing it as an Olympic game in BC 688.  Boxing activity disappeared after the fall of the Roman Empire when weapons became more common for fighting. The sport was even abolished during the Gladiator Period as it was deemed excessively brutal and slaves were a prized commodity, the slaves were sent in to fight each other in a marked ring on the floor, hence where the term ring came from.  Boxing has evolved from the 16th and 18th century prizefights, largely in Great Britain to the forerunner of modern boxing in the mid 19th century once again in Great Britain and then later in the United States.

Today there are various weight levels:

Heavyweight- Unlimited  / Cruiserweight- 200lb  / Light Heavyweight- 175lb,

Super Middleweight- 168lb  / Middleweight- 160lb,

Super Welterweight- 154lb  / Welterweight- 147lb

Super Lightweight- 140lb  / Lightweight- 135lb,

Super Featherweight- 130lb  /  Featherweight- 126lb,

Super Bantamweight- 122lb  / Bamtamweight- 118lb,

Super Flyweight- 115lb  / Flyweight -112lb  / Light Flyweight -108lb

There has been endless debate as to the greatest ever fighter. It doesn’t seem there will ever be a definitive answer as much depends on the quality of the opposition at the time. Some boxers will always have a place in history.

Best Heavyweights

Muhammad Ali, 56-5, 37 KO’s; Career: 1960-81, 19 years active.

Joe Louis, 68-3, 54 KO’s; Career: 1934-51, 14 years active.

Rocky Marciano, 49-0, 43 KO’s; Career: 1947-55, 9 years active.

Currently the Klitschko brothers have a lock on this weight with very few real challengers.

Best Middleweights

Sugar Ray Robinson, 175-19-6, 109 KO’s. 1940-65. 24 years active.

Harry Greb, 115-8-3, 51 KO’s, 179 ND. 1913-26. 14 years active.

Marvin Haggler, 62-3-2, 53 KO’s. 1973-87. 15 years active.

The Middleweight divisions are far more competitive than the Heavyweights right now with various fighters looking to stake a dominant claim, particularly Carl Froch and Andre Ward in Super Middleweight.

Best Welterweights

Sugar Ray Robinson, 175-19-6, 109 KO’s. 1940-65. 24 years active.

Henry Armstrong, 151-21-9, 101 KO’s. 1931-45. 15 years active.

Sugar Ray Leonard, 36-3-1, 25 KO’s. 1977-97 12 years active.

This is another weight division with huge interest at present. Floyd Mayweather Jr looking to end the dominance of Manny Pacquiao.

Best Lightweights

Roberto Duran, 102-15, 70 KO’s, 1967-99. 31 years active.

Benny Leonard, 85-5-1, 69 KO’s. 119 ND. 1911-32. 16 years active.

Boxing is a matter of skill and stamina but for fans, personality and flair is also important. The number of organizing bodies and what some may feel pointless title fights have caused a decline in popularity of boxing in recent years. But every so often comes a fight to make the skin tingle. VIPbox and VIPLeague will bring you all the fights and all the action. Not only boxing but all kinds of combat sports. Take a look at the schedule now!


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