TNF : Thursday Night Football

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Thursday Night Football (TNF) is a NFL version american football games broadcast by CBS and the NFL Network.

Thursday Night Football was originally part of NFL Network’s Run To the Playoffs package which consisted of eight total games broadcast on Thursday and Saturday nights late in the season. It debuted on November 23, 2006.

Starting in 2008, NFL Network eliminated all but one of the Saturday night games and started their Thursday night package three weeks earlier. This was to accommodate the earlier schedule and the league’s antitrust exemption, which prohibits Saturday games during college football season. In the following season, all references to Saturday Night Football were dropped and any games not played on Thursday were referred to as a “special edition” of Thursday Night Football; since then, however, relatively few Thursday Night Football games have been played outside of Thursdays.

Since 2012, NFL Network has aired games beginning in the second week of the season. It no longer has the rights to the Thanksgiving night broadcast; that game and the season opening Thursday night contest are televised as part of NBC’s Sunday Night Football package.In 2014 season, CBS Sports took over production of Thursday Night Football. A total of nine games aired on CBS in simulcast with NFL Network and CBS’ primary broadcast crew of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms calling the entire slate of games. In addition, NFL Network extended the length of the Thursday telecasts to Week 16 of the season. This includes a pair of Saturday broadcasts, which will be split between CBS and NFL Network

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